Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So Just a Super Quick Update...December 28, 2015

So just a super quick update...

This week was fabulous. Had so many eating appts, I know I have gained at least 5 kilos. But Christmas and Christmas eve was so great. The people here are so wonderful...just the nicest people ever. We were able to teach some great lessons and the spirit was so strong as we shared of the birth of our savior sa mga investigators and less actives namin. And that awesome quote (thanks mom) "to catch the real meaning of Christmas we must only drop the last syllable...and it becomes the spirit of Christ" just in my head all week. 

the ward Christmas party was on Tuesday, that was fun....our investigators came with their kids so that was just the best to see them. They really enjoyed it. One of them sister Shirly, accepted an ibd this week as well and the goal date we are aiming for is january. She is really progressing. She was also able to come to the baptism the elders had on Saturday so it was neat for her to see how it all happened.  her kids came as well...we are hoping we will also be able to start teaching them. 

Anyways, life is so great. There is so much to be grateful for. hope you all have a happy new year. 2015...!!!!...like what theeee. We were listening to a talk yesterday by Elder Holland about new beginnings and not looking back. (referencing to lot's wife) It takes faith to look to the future, but that is what our heavenly father wants us to do. 

Anyways, time is uppp for today, but I love you all so so so much! It was so wonderful skyping! Like really it made my whole christmas! You are all the BEST!

happy new year
s golightly

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