Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Has Been Another WONDERFUL Week! January 25, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Got My Trunky Letter this week.... January 11, 2015

Hellooooo Family. Magandang hapon.

Sooo the beginning of the week was a little bit of a struggle sister lomibao and I were both sick and our kabahay din so we think we narrowed it down to the water....But we are feeling better now and the rest of the week was great. This morning we had our zone activity at the beach..that was way fun. 

We were able to finally teach Shirly AND her husband together and that was so wonderful. We were so happy. We have been wanting to teach them both for a long time and we were so excited when he actually came and joined us during the lesson... Shirly shared to us how she has been having so many struggles and how her and her husband don't have a job right now..but whenever she reads the book of mormon its like she receives strength from that and when ever she comes to church she feels so much...lighter and she feels the spirit. She really was able to recognize the spirit.  So we committed them to come to church as a family this week and guess what. THEY DID. Her and brother came, with their kids. I know it sounds like something so small...just coming to church and missionaries just start freakin out but really...its kinda a huge deal. So that was way exciting. Our other inv are doing well and progressing a little bit slower. Its so hard seeing them face so many trials and challenges in their life. 

Saturday we had a csp...a lady in the ward had something that happened to her house and so we basically tore it all down and started from the ground up. When I say we, I really mean they....cuz they didn't let me do alot...hahaha I mean I took out some nails with a real hammer and carried the bamboo. but that was about it. hahah we helped cook that was fun... Over all we were all working from about 8 in the morning until around 3...and we will continue this Saturday and hopefully the house will be done.  (I was thinking the whole time, man dad would have so much fun doing this, he would have loved it haha)

Oh btw we totally had zone interviews this week...So president and Sister Balledos come to our house and so of course we are expecting the normal interview. One at a time whater...But no. President says... "Are you ready for zone interviews? This zone interview you are going to teach me." So as a companionship we taught Pres and Sister Balledos about the restoration.. No pressure right? No, lets be honest, I think we was dying. Haha I know my insides dropped and S Lomibao was so nervous she was running around and talking so fast when we went up to our room to prepare for the two minutes he gave us haha. Not to mention he videoed it on the i pad and we watched and reviewed it after ward. Haha Overall it actually went pretty well and turned out good. But that was def a highlight this week. 

I got my trunky letter this week so I have offically 100 days left....I don't know if that makes me trunky saying that....haha yeah no. its doesn't. Sis lomibao and I are still working so hard and loving every day. seriously I love my life.

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. AND I LOVE THIS WORK. I know this is the Lord's work, I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

s golightly

shout out to nicole. kasi the best siya talaga. hehehehe ;)

ps i got sis nortons dear elder tell her thank you so much!! i LOVED IT!
pss I also got grandma and grandpas letter which i also loved SO much!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Absolute Favorite Christmas and New Years January 4, 2015

Hellloooo Familyyyy :) 

And I am coming to you live frommmm Baguio! I have actually kinda missed it here! Its so weird to see my old area, etc. But anywho :) so its Sister Sawada's birthday today so we took a bus up here this morning after studies to baguio. :) Which could not have been very good on my back with the winding roads and being completely smushed between people (like talk about"itty bitty livin space" that movie and I willlll be very happy. lets be honest jessica got that one in probably less than three seconds.) okeeeyy anywaysss..on the plus side, weather is b-e-a-uitful. (I make that sound like there arn't a lot of pluses but really there are many.)

So anyways, I know it comes up every week about how much I love missionary work....but really. I do. haha This has probably been one of my absolute favorite Christmas' and New Years. Like SO MASAYA. This week we were able to finish giving out our framed pictures of Christ (which turned out so beautiful by the way) to our less actives and investigators and had the neatest lessons.The work continues and is going great. One of our inv. shirly is really progressing so much. She accepted an ibd the other week and came to church again yesterday. We also started teaching her kids and sana we can teach her husband too soon.  

Saturday was the half day mission which went well...this branch is so into the missionary work it is SO AWESOME. I love it so much. 

Now for some random stuff....

New years was so great. It kind of sounded like world war 3 outside with all the fireworks..that lasted for a couple days. It was so loud and our neighbors serenaded us that night outside our window with videoke until around 2 am so we didn't get a lot of sleep. haha I feel it is like the biggest holiday here..people party..and oh man do they cook...we are talking SO MUCH FOOD. we had eating appts all afternoon on new years eve and I have never been so full. In between our food appts? More unplanned food appts. I kid not. We had curfew at 6 pm tho on new years eve and new years day. 

I was writing in my journal the other night and was looking back at wow. I don't know if I can sum it up in words. It has been the most productive, eventful, happiest, hardest, meaningful, unexpected, exhausting, changing, challenging, joyful, spiritual, crazy, amazing, scheduled, unplanned year of my life. And I wouldn't go back and change it for the world. I miss you all so much sympre, but I have such peace knowing this is where god wants me to be. 

I love you all to the moon and back. ps family. write me.  
s golightly

oh and i met the lady who knows brother lewis she is in bauang branch 1 and she was sooo kind! she said he was her zl on the mish! HOW CRAZY!