Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This week we had a lot of amazing things happen! February 15, 2015

 Hey family! 

This week we had a lot of amazing things happen! This really is the work of the Lord. 

First of all, as a zone we have really been focusing on receiving referrals...we had an awesome zone conf on friday about focusing on working with members etc etc etc. (it was so great! I promise!  I just don't have a lot of time to expand on it) now get this...

 So me and Sis P are totally set on going out this week and getting referrals..we ask everyone one has any. haha Now, if we go back to seguro 4 or five weeks ago, when I talked about brother tenorio (our inv that comes to church and has the wife with breast cancer), well he is just great and always waits for us three times a week when we go to teach him. Well on saturday we walk up to his house and there is another man sitting there. so we figure he is going to tell us to come back another time and then all the sudden he goes, "Hey, I have a referral. I brought my friend here so he can listen to the gospel too" ..............So it was great and we had a great lesson. That was really such a blessing shows what a difference the gospel makes...he is not even a member and he brought a friend to listen because that's how much he knows it can help someones life. 

I wish I did more of that before my mission. Its so true EVERY member is a missionary. Sympre, we love our friends and neighbors so why wouldn't we want them to receive the only thing that can give us peace and eternal life? So yeah, I was just so inspired by that. 

I encourage all of you to think of just one friend you could refer to the missionaries...and really don't be shy about it...I know that in the end we will be held accountable and will have looked back wondering why we didn't share it. ok, sorry for ranting. 

Our inv are doing really well and we are slowly seeing them progress. Sister Sherly is still coming to church and we extending her baptism for march 14...she is so ready and is so amazing. Her testimony is so strong. we are really trying now to focus on her husband so he can also be baptized...she wants her family to be together forever. 

We had another great success and our less active of a longggg time came to church with her the feeling of seeing less actives come back to church...just gets me everytime. :) 

We were also able to do a lot of finding and were able to get 6 solid new inv this we are looking forward to teaching them all....It was a great week and I am so grateful for the blessing of being a full time representative of Jesus Christ. I can't explain to you all the happiness of sharing this gospel. I know its true.

sister golightly

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