Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What A Week! February 1, 2015

Hello Family! 

What a week! On tuesday, Sister Lomibao left me and went up to baguio and I became companions with sis del rosario for two days and went back to MY FIRST AREA IN THE MISH! Yes, thats right, I went back to san fernando. There was too many great things that happened in those two days than i can possibly write...but seriously it was SO HAPPY. It was a feeling like...yeah just so happy. I got to see everyone I used to teach and all my favorite familys! We got to see the Caballes family and Sister joyce and brother jamel!!! (yeah, do you remember them?!)they invited us over for dinner when they found out i was there and got pizza cuz they knew it was my favorite...and that was what we had last year for new years...even though its past new years. They are just the kindest people. I love them and those familys so so so much. Then the district went to this way legit restraunt halo halo des loco and it was so masarap. like the chicken curry ....ah man. so good. Wednesday we were at manginasal and president called and said I am training...

So thursday I picked up my companion at lingsat and her name is Sister Paguirigan. fresh from the mtc...she loves to work, so we have been going great the last couple days in the area and we have been able to teach a lot. The people here are still doing well...just trying to help ours inv come closer to baptism. It is nice to see a missionary straight from the mtc because of the new perspective about the work and all the training they just went through...Its so new and I love to hear her when she teaches. I don't know hopefully that made sense. haha

Lastly, I would just like to testify to the power of prayer. Something we talk about all the time, but really I have had so many experiences this week with prayer. I know without a doubt
that Heavenly Father is there. That He is listening to us. And He will always be there to comfort us in times of need. 


s golightly

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