Monday, March 23, 2015

What a Week! Getting fingerprinted!! March 22, 2015


What a week! It has been interesting to say the least. We had the manila trip this week for fingerprinting. they texted us and told us I would be going to Lingsat (by myself) on thursday night after proselyting. So yeah, you totally know me. I don't really like doing things all by my self. so I was a little stressed at first but made it on the jeep to San Fernando and on a tryke to lingsat all my my self. really it wasn't a big deal haha I have done that a million times with a companion...i think the feeling was just weird of being alone with no comp after 17 months. Anyways so all the other foreigner sisters from my batch were already at the house so we all ended up talking until about 1:00 a.m. when the AP's and president came to pick us up to take us to the bus station around 1:30 a.m...we all finally got on the bus around 2:00 a.m. There were around 8 sisters and 4 elders that went. When we were all settled, about 5 minutes into the bus ride, two grandmas got on and there were no more seats... so the guy pulled out two little stools (which is normal... that's what they do when the bus is full) but i mean, they were so old...and it was 2:00 a.m. in the I was very impressed when two of the elders got up and gave them their seats and took the stools in the aisle. so the bus ride continues and then two minutes later, the last stop, a mother gets on with two of her young kids....they get buckets in the aisle too...except no one got up for them. soooo sister jackson and i got up and gave them our seat. (i have no idea where the other elders were during this moment). the mother and her two kids sat there and me and sister jackson sat on buckets, in the aisle, until around 6:00 a.m.  or 7:00 am, until it was so uncomfortable, we stood the rest of the ride into manila. sis j was such a trooper! she did not feel well at all the whole night. once we got there to the bus station in manila we took two vans to the bureau or immigration and then started the process of waiting...and waiting and then getting the finger prints and then...waiting...and then getting passports...and then waiting....and after the waiting we waited. I was sleeping standing up. ahaha jk but we were all zombies. after that...well we WERE in manilla soo the drivers took us to TACO BELL!!!!!!!!!!! I was on cloud nine. literally heaven. I was so happy I wanted to cry...or it might have been the lack of sleep...but still...i couldn't taste anything I don't know why but just the fact we were there was so happy. lol. and then we drove around manila for what felt like forever until we got back to the bus station and got on a bus back around 3:00 p.m. from there we took the ride home to bauang and arrived around 9:00 p.m.. 
It was fun to catch up with sister jackson. I have really missed her! and sister haider!!! she always makes me laugh sooo hard. It was great to be with her again. It was such an exhausting trip and i felt like all the days were just a blur...but it was good. 
The work this week was ok, we struggled a lot between the trip and then I got sick again. But Bro T still came to church yesterday and is doing well and really progressing. Sister s. as well, we were able to have an AMAZING lesson with her and brohter F. about the restoration on tuesday and the spirit was so strong. It was so great...yesterday they couldn't come to church because sister p. was in the hospital..but we went to visit them in san Fernando and she is doing better.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here in bauang at this time serving here. I say it er week. but I love being a missionary. This really is the Lord's work. I see his hand in this work everyday. 

This gospel is true. 

s golightly

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This Week Was So Great...So Great! March 15, 2015

hello i thought i would share my random thoughts while you wait for my letter :)

so my flip flops FINALLY broke this week. i had them since day one of the mtc...the ones i bought with dad from jackson hole haha

everyone reminds me ON THE DAILY how many days i have left. im sure you all know too. but there are not very many. and it makes me sad. 

so yeah, first off all it is SO great to hear from you and momma and hear how your lives are going. I print it off every week and after we grocery shop, and take our jeep home, I sit and read them :) It makes me so happy. So thank you. :)

this week was so great...So great. I had so many challenges and struggles and its so crazy to believe that when everything is supposed to be going smooth and the work is progressing so much, how hard Satan works to stop it. I'm so serious. so this week on tuesday we had planned a family home evening with sister s and her we invited to elders and she had confirmed it like 5 times, so we were all set to go and go on tuesday night to their compound.. and arrive at the door and sister p (s mother in law) comes out and says she is not there...she went to...caba. So, at this point, surprisingly I was not stressed at all. all the elders came and brought soda and bread and then we were like "well she said she would come home before tuesday night so maybe she is just a little late" ............she never came home that night. So we just had an fhe with their kids and sister p.   we were unable to go back on Wednesday though because I was dying. I think everything over the last 7 weeks got to me and i was pretty much rolling around in pain couldn't eat, drink, sleep, all day (dramatic much? sorry. hahaha) till I finally threw up all my insides. then went to sleep for the night. thursday we were able to visit S. thennnn... we continued to visit her and friday before the baptism we had the distrct leader go  interview her.  so then we spent a little bit playing basketball with the little rim they had and then taught a lesson to S and F. it was a great night. That saturday sister washed all the clothes and started super early so that she could be at the church by 1 for the relief society activity and she did it. :) so then on our part...saturday was soooo crazyyy, and stressful, and happy. that morning we had a half day mission with the branch but only like 7 people came so me and sister p went out to part of our area thats way out in the fields and had such great success! we taught some lessons and found new inv and also a less active of more than 40 years!!! It was soooo great! Those people were sooo nice! I mean just the kindest people ever. thennn we went back to the church...first we had to drain and clean the font etc with the elders. then the font started to fill and emptied cuz the pipe broke, but one of the elders fixed it and it filled and then at 5 the baptism started. it was a BEAUTIFUL service. She shared an amazing testimony and to see how happy she was was so...words can't describe. My soul was so full....of was great. Sunday she was confirmed and her family came. (including brother) they were all so happy sitting there on the pew...and she wore one of the shirts I gave her. haha. So sweet. I was just so happy. there was so many crazy things that happened this week but it all turned out ok. 

Another one of our inv brother t. he is just my favorite. haha we taught him all the commandments and he committed so quickly to follow all of them...word of wisdom, tithing, everything. He is so committed to the gospel you can just see that he was so prepared. His baptism date is for april 18. he came to church again yesterday and already has friends! Its so sweet because he always comes at 8...30 minutes before church starts. haha He even walks there. Ahhh he is one of our lessons, he was telling us a story and says 'this is not. monkey buisness.'" hhahahaha I laughed so hard. Because sometimes he will speak english and he will use words that are so gallivanting and ...yeah words like that. hahaha Anyways. It was so great to see his continuous progression. 
I am so grateful to be serving here at this time in Bauang and for all the things I am learning from my companion, Sister P. I am determined to continue to make every day count and make good use of every minute of the Lord's time.

I love you all so so so much! I am so grateful for your support. I know this gospel is true.

your daughter.
sister golightly :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

We had some AWESOME experiences this week!!! March 8, 2015


we had some AWESOME experiences this week. 

so there is this monkey we see in our area every week. i will have to take pics for you to see it it is pink and very friendly daw.
Ok, back to the spiritual stuff. First off thanks for the emails :) I have been loving it this week. Can I just say how much I love being a missionary? Or how much I love my mission?

 Funny thing today.. we were on the jeep and a guy asked where i was from and i say america. people are not super familiar with the states, but he asked me what state, so Im like arizona and he goes..."ahhhh yeahhhh with all the cowboys...." hahahahaha if people hear arizona they automatically think about the cowboys  there....hahahaha

so this week was sister S's interview for her baptism and she passed so we are having it this saturday. She still inspires me so much, she is so amazing. She is going through so many trials right now...she knows it is because she is doing whats right and that satan is trying to stop her from being baptized...its true how that happens. wed they got offered a job in baguio..blessing right? because they don't have a job...but that would mean she would have to leave before her baptism and also leave her she asked us to pray for her and we all prayed...then we came back the next day and she said her husband saw his friend and he offered him a job where he worked. answered prayer. she didn't have to leave and her husband just got a job!!!! she is so strong and always shares her testimony how  the gospel is helping her with her family. AMAZING right?! 
Brother T had to have his ibd moved because of general conf but he is so excited for april 18. We taught him the word of wisdom this week and then it was like he started teaching us haha why he needs to follow it and how its true revelation. At church yesterday he just seemed so happy. 

Anyways, the transfer calls came yesterday night so this will be my last area and sis p will be my last comp. I am so happy I am staying in bauang.
I am just so grateful. Words can't express.
I LOVE YOU!!! Have a great week.
your daughter,
s golightly               

                                    ~a drawing of Brook by a sister in her ward~

Its Amazing the Power of Prayer!! March 1, 2015

guten tag???........hahahahah your so funny daddy. Its amazing the power of prayer and studying the atonement. I'm serious. I have been doing a lot better. One day this week actually it was on wednesday...we were having 12 weeks (the training program) and we had this super great talk about teaching skills and things we needed to work on and teaching to peoples needs...we were totally pumped and focused on the work and then we went out and we did it! we totally were able to teach to peoples needs...the lessons we had that day(7) went SO WELL and the spirit was there for all of them. I literally felt the spirit all day! .  yesterday I was reading jesus the christ for personal study....btw that book is SO seriously. I love it so much. although i have to keep a dictionary close by cuz sometimes i just don't understand...for the most part its life changing. haha i would seriously recommend reading it if you ever have time not fixing things for mom! hahaha
to answer your next question...i love everything about being a missionary...every. single. thing. I love being a missionary. more than anything in the world. I am completely serious. even the hard times/ just makes me stronger. I am grateful for the struggles, because I couldn't grow and lean on heavenly father and jesus christ with out them. Yesterday we were teaching S and she mentioned that April was coming close...I kid you not, at that moment, I almost burst out crying, my throat closed and I almost lost it. She only MENTIONED it and I couldn't even think about it. 

We give away a couple BOM's every week...we focus tlga on giving away pamphlets and then teach from them and then at the next lesson when we explain the bom we give them one. The work has been going so well tho this week. Right now I feel is like the hardest part of the mission, but at the same time its the most...idk like the most things are happening. weird huh? Wierd how its the very end of the mission that has been the hardest for me. But I know heavenly father's hand is in everything.
Thanks for your emails! I love you so much! 
oh and btw I got your dear elders this week. thank you so much for sending that talk by elder holland ...there was so much i loved in that. I cut parts out so i could read it when i need too. 
 guess what?! we found out the greatest news on monday! We ran into some elders that are in my old area in baguio and I don't know if you remember hopefully you do, but remember my first transfer in baguio and I mentioned sister you remember her? the one me and sister de jose found? (ok lets be was the spirit. haha) but i just felt so strong i needed to say something to her and she was walking her kids home from school...I knew at that moment one day she would be baptized. we ended up teaching her and extended around 4 ibds (potential goal baptism dateS) and just never gave up on her and kept teaching her we taught her all 6 months i was there.. I found out monday from the elders she is getting baptized the end of this month. I can't tell you how happy i was. Just PURE JOY. I don't know if i can explain exactly how i you know that i was in guisad 6 months...and I also found out on monday another one of me and sis lacdoos investigators we found was baptized last month. not just him, but his whole family...I guess the best word for how i felt would be seed planter. I felt like I was just the one to plant the seed and start to teach... Like I was just so happy to hear that they had been baptized and are going to be was just all so worth it...the long hike up more than 150 stairs to reach M's house 4 times a week...just everything. working so hard every day and having no regrets.. I know that I played the part heavenly father wanted me too...and i know i followed the spirit. although i didn't get to see or won't see the baptisms of our old inv...I am just so happy to know that are entering into that sacred covenant. does that even make sense? Idk.

This week the work went really well... we are finding so much. we are seeing SO much progress. with the less actives and our inv. I know that when the spirit is able to work through us and work through our teaching...ah man. the results. Remember the referral I told you about from brother t? well not only brother t has an ibd, but now brother O does too (the referral) I still think its like the coolest thing ever. Like how awesome?!?! That its not the members giving us the referrals, its our should be the other way around but they really realize the importance of the gospel and want to share their happiness with others. Sister s is still doing well and is working toward march 14...she keeps reading the bom everyday and is now in was so cool to hear her testimony yesterday.  her faith amazes me. 

Anywhoooo I am just so grateful to be serving right now. I love this work, I love HIS work so much. This gospel is true. 
your daughter.