Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This Week Was So Great...So Great! March 15, 2015

hello i thought i would share my random thoughts while you wait for my letter :)

so my flip flops FINALLY broke this week. i had them since day one of the mtc...the ones i bought with dad from jackson hole haha

everyone reminds me ON THE DAILY how many days i have left. im sure you all know too. but there are not very many. and it makes me sad. 

so yeah, first off all it is SO great to hear from you and momma and hear how your lives are going. I print it off every week and after we grocery shop, and take our jeep home, I sit and read them :) It makes me so happy. So thank you. :)

this week was so great...So great. I had so many challenges and struggles and its so crazy to believe that when everything is supposed to be going smooth and the work is progressing so much, how hard Satan works to stop it. I'm so serious. so this week on tuesday we had planned a family home evening with sister s and her family...so we invited to elders and she had confirmed it like 5 times, so we were all set to go and go on tuesday night to their compound.. and arrive at the door and sister p (s mother in law) comes out and says she is not there...she went to...caba. So, at this point, surprisingly I was not stressed at all. all the elders came and brought soda and bread and then we were like "well she said she would come home before tuesday night so maybe she is just a little late" ............she never came home that night. So we just had an fhe with their kids and sister p.   we were unable to go back on Wednesday though because I was dying. I think everything over the last 7 weeks got to me and i was pretty much rolling around in pain couldn't eat, drink, sleep, all day (dramatic much? sorry. hahaha) till I finally threw up all my insides. then went to sleep for the night. thursday we were able to visit S. thennnn... we continued to visit her and friday before the baptism we had the distrct leader go  interview her.  so then we spent a little bit playing basketball with the little rim they had and then taught a lesson to S and F. it was a great night. That saturday sister washed all the clothes and started super early so that she could be at the church by 1 for the relief society activity and she did it. :) so then on our part...saturday was soooo crazyyy, and stressful, and happy. that morning we had a half day mission with the branch but only like 7 people came so me and sister p went out to part of our area thats way out in the fields and had such great success! we taught some lessons and found new inv and also a less active of more than 40 years!!! It was soooo great! Those people were sooo nice! I mean just the kindest people ever. thennn we went back to the church...first we had to drain and clean the font etc with the elders. then the font started to fill and then...it emptied cuz the pipe broke, but one of the elders fixed it and it filled and then at 5 the baptism started. it was a BEAUTIFUL service. She shared an amazing testimony and to see how happy she was was so...words can't describe. My soul was so full....of happiness...it was great. Sunday she was confirmed and her family came. (including brother) they were all so happy sitting there on the pew...and she wore one of the shirts I gave her. haha. So sweet. I was just so happy. there was so many crazy things that happened this week but it all turned out ok. 

Another one of our inv brother t. he is just my favorite. haha we taught him all the commandments and he committed so quickly to follow all of them...word of wisdom, tithing, everything. He is so committed to the gospel you can just see that he was so prepared. His baptism date is for april 18. he came to church again yesterday and already has friends! Its so sweet because he always comes at 8...30 minutes before church starts. haha He even walks there. Ahhh he is great...in one of our lessons, he was telling us a story and says 'this is not. monkey buisness.'" hhahahaha I laughed so hard. Because sometimes he will speak english and he will use words that are so big...like gallivanting and ...yeah words like that. hahaha Anyways. It was so great to see his continuous progression. 
I am so grateful to be serving here at this time in Bauang and for all the things I am learning from my companion, Sister P. I am determined to continue to make every day count and make good use of every minute of the Lord's time.

I love you all so so so much! I am so grateful for your support. I know this gospel is true.

your daughter.
sister golightly :)

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