Friday, March 13, 2015

We had some AWESOME experiences this week!!! March 8, 2015


we had some AWESOME experiences this week. 

so there is this monkey we see in our area every week. i will have to take pics for you to see it it is pink and very friendly daw.
Ok, back to the spiritual stuff. First off thanks for the emails :) I have been loving it this week. Can I just say how much I love being a missionary? Or how much I love my mission?

 Funny thing today.. we were on the jeep and a guy asked where i was from and i say america. people are not super familiar with the states, but he asked me what state, so Im like arizona and he goes..."ahhhh yeahhhh with all the cowboys...." hahahahaha if people hear arizona they automatically think about the cowboys  there....hahahaha

so this week was sister S's interview for her baptism and she passed so we are having it this saturday. She still inspires me so much, she is so amazing. She is going through so many trials right now...she knows it is because she is doing whats right and that satan is trying to stop her from being baptized...its true how that happens. wed they got offered a job in baguio..blessing right? because they don't have a job...but that would mean she would have to leave before her baptism and also leave her she asked us to pray for her and we all prayed...then we came back the next day and she said her husband saw his friend and he offered him a job where he worked. answered prayer. she didn't have to leave and her husband just got a job!!!! she is so strong and always shares her testimony how  the gospel is helping her with her family. AMAZING right?! 
Brother T had to have his ibd moved because of general conf but he is so excited for april 18. We taught him the word of wisdom this week and then it was like he started teaching us haha why he needs to follow it and how its true revelation. At church yesterday he just seemed so happy. 

Anyways, the transfer calls came yesterday night so this will be my last area and sis p will be my last comp. I am so happy I am staying in bauang.
I am just so grateful. Words can't express.
I LOVE YOU!!! Have a great week.
your daughter,
s golightly               

                                    ~a drawing of Brook by a sister in her ward~

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