Monday, April 20, 2015

I Can Not Believe IT!....Last p day.... April 19, 2015

 I can not believe it...last p day. what a crazy busy week. We had so many lessons, dinner apt, and so much fun. I couldn't have ended it all better than on saturday with Brother T's baptism. I still remember the first time we met him...he came an hour and a half earlier to the chapel and gave a beautiful testimony. Sunday he was confirmed. I also was able to give a talk...I found out when I walked into sacrament. haha me and elder chan (who is also leaving) got to speak about missionary work and enduring to the end. It was a great day.  last nihgt i traveled from bauang after dinner at president nisperos to lingsat to stay with all the other departing missionaries. Pres Garcia from bauang 1st barnch is a tryke driver so he took me with his wife and loaded all the luggauge and stuff so I didn't have to worry about it it was SO nice of them...The feeling is still unreal...last night me and sister jackson were up for a while talking and i didn't get to lingsat till late so i didn't get a lot of sleep...but today i am spending my last day here with sister i will miss this girl SO much. This morning I had my departing interview with about being a bawl baby. i felt like i was trying to hold myslef together the whole time. But ya know what it felt so...good. Just so peaceful and happy. words can't describe. we talked about experiences and testimony and faith and I felt the spirit so strong. I will talk more in detail about what he said specifically when i see you. After email today we will go to san juan to visit some of the people there. I am just so grateful. My heart is so full. I had a lot of struggles as well this week but overall I am just so grateful. grateful for...everything. I can't wait to see you all in two short days! tomorrow we will be going to manila to the temple to do a session and i am beyond excited. ahhhh i will see you all soon...LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you! mahal na mahal ko kayo! ingat xoxoxoxoxoxo sister golightly

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