Wednesday, April 1, 2015


We had a zone activity this morning kaya we got out toooo late to email, so I will send you some of the email to President.  

Hello po President,

This week was great, it was so nice to work hard and get back into the regular schedule and routine. We were able to jump right back into the work and made every day count.  I have really seen the Lord's hand in the work this week. It is such a blessing to be here and help the people here come closer to Christ. I was reading this week in Alma and it was all about missionary work and bringing the Lamanites to the truth and helping them come to know Jesus Christ. It was so inspiring to me, to read and uncover the teaching skills they used and of course the key, was being bold with the spirit. It really is essential in teaching. I have been trying my best this week to be completely worthy of the spirit through exact obedience to bring the spirit more in our work. I know that who the Lord calls, He will qualify...I just have to do my part. I am so grateful to be here in Bauang. I am also so grateful to be a missionary. 

Sister Golightly


Aw I'm so glad every is doing well! 

So this morning for zone activity, we had a boodle fight (explain that when i go home) and watched 'the best two years'.....oh my goodness that movie is so funny. i was dying. maybe cuz i haven't seen a movie in an eternity, but i was still laughing so hard. that movie is so great. haha..

DONT WORRY ABOUT ME MOMMA! I AM TOTALLY DOIN IT!  i am still  LOVING IT! I LOVE MISSIONARY LIFE SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! and i love it here and ect ect ect i love everything. :) I am way tough ;) heheheh you would be shocked.  i am so not a baby anymore. hahaha
hahah your so funny momma! I can't wait to see you! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! i have to go now! but i really really really love you and daddy and the fam!!!

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